Dust Racing 2D


Full-speed 2D racing


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Dust Racing 2D is a racing game in two dimensions from an overhead perspective that, following along the lines of classics like 'Slicks n Slide' and 'Super Cars', offers a fun, no-frills driving experience.

The game's simple controls allow you to play with just one hand. This may not seem extra useful, but it comes in handy when you want to play with a friend on the same keyboard, which is perfectly possible in Dust Racing 2D.

At the beginning of the game, all of the tracks are locked except for one, but you can open up more tracks as you win your races. Plus, the game comes with an integrated track editor that lets you create your own courses to play solo or with a friend.

Dust Racing 2D is a simple racing game that also happens to be really fun. The best part is that as you play, the game will record your best times so you can try and beat your own records as an additional challenge.
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